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Phone Repair Sydney

We can get you all spare parts!

Smart Phone screen repair from $40

We do diagnosis and tell you  the exact reason why your phone stopped working. 

If you order a repair with us, our experts will will fix  the problem, no matter how complex or simple it is.
If you want to try and fix your phone on your own, we can get you spare parts.

We also fix charging ports and replace batteries.

iPhone 4G/4S from $56
iPhone 5G/5S/5C from $65
iphone 6 from $75
iPhone 6S from $85
iPhone 6 Plus from $100
iPhone 6S Plus from $125
iPhone 7 from $125
iPhone 7+ from $140
iPad 2/3/4 from $70
iPad Air from $100
iPad Mini from $85
iPad Mini 2/3 from $90
iPad Air 2 from $180
Samsung Galaxy from $50
Samsung Galaxy 5 from $85
Samsung Galaxy 6 from $90
Samsung Galaxy 7 from $110
Samsung Galaxy 8 from $120

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