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IT Outsourcing

Initial Site-wide
  •         Collection of Information
  •         Reviews of infra-structure
  •         Design and Recommendations
  •         Setup of Network, Servers and Workstations
  •         Configuration of Software applications
  •         Setup and configuration of VMWare/HyperVisor solutions
Monthly or fortnightly - Regular Maintainance
  •          Setup and Checking Backups
  •          Virus removal - we all need to be extra careful.
Yearly Reviews
  •           State of the art systems.
  •             Compilation of relevant material and Initial Merge from various formats into one.
BCP  Disaster Recovery
  •             Disaster Recovery must be considered as it is essential
  •             Preparation for a Disaster - Backups and Cloud
  •             Multiple Power supplies
  •             Multiple paths to the internet
  •             Recovery instructions priority, dependancy and partial site options per system documentation
Inaugural Website design and prototype
  •             ANIC purchase of domainname
  •             Determine footprints and dependancies
  •             External access - differential
  •             Customer access versus internal Staff
  •             VPN and updates to website
  •             Managing access and error log files
  •             Identify Denial Of Service (DNS) attack vectors. (IP)
  •             Response to DNS
  •             Web based Site Bomb attacks - internal access controls

  •             Set up and troubleshoot broadband Internet and network.
  •             Set up and troubleshoot secured wireless network.
  •             Set up and troubleshoot emails.
  •             Set up and troubleshoot wired or wireless network printers.
  •             Set up peer-to-peer network or server-client network.
  •             Fix intermittent Internet problems, wireless dropping out problems.
  •             Troubleshoot slow Internet or wireless problem.
  •             Help to set up remote access so that you can work remotely.
  •             Install wireless modem routers, access points, network switches.
  •             Extend your wireless network coverage.
  •             Install Apple AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, AirPort Time Capsule devices.

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