On-site services



Annual Maintenance Contract:

As part of the maintenance plan you will receive regular site visits to carry out a range of agreed upon maintenance activities on site.

A typical small network support plan would include following activities:

• Check computers for latest windows updates
• Download latest antivirus definitions and perform scan
• Check computers for any spy-ware/ad-aware
• Check backup system is running fine and perform test     restore
• Perform scandisk and defrag if needed
• Check network switch and cabling
• Check internet router connection status and examine   logs for any errors
• Check server/workstation logs for any program issues  or security errors


Server Stability and General Maintenance:

  • Event Logs and Reaction

    1.  Notification of all errors in ALL event logs on each server, These are recorded on the field maintenance guide checklist supplied by your engineer.

    2. Reaction to ALL errors in logs, and to critical warnings and security audit failures in event viewer.

    3. Backup of event logs, for further reference if needed.

  • System Services / Processes

    1. Your server runs of these required services, if these fail to start then action is required to resolve, restart them and investigate and resolve this issue.

    2. Check running processes, this will determine if required processes are running and if there are any suspect services to action.

  • Hard Drive Utilization

    1. Check drive space on server drives. (standard require 20% free)

    2.  Analyse and De-fragment local hard drives, This can help resolve space and fault related issues.

  • DHCP Maintenance

    1. Check DHCP service is running.

    2. Check DHCP Scope is not full.

    3. Check DHCP has no “BAD ADRESSES”.

  • DNS Maintenance

  • Active Directory

    1. Check domain administrators group for no unintended users.

    2. Clean up Active Directory. (As Required)

    3. Check deployment of group policies.

    4. Ensure all users are in relevant groups.

  • Windows Updates Review and Installation

    1. Install and monitor ALL critical updates.

    2. Install relevant recommended updates

    3. Organise time for service pack installation

Virus Protection:



  • Run Anti-Virus Scan on All servers

  • Run Anti-Virus Update on all servers and all clients

  • Monitor Anti-Virus or client PC’s

    1. Make sure virus Definitions are up to date.

    2. Manual scan on all clients with virus warning (Symantec Only)

    3. Clear virus warning once clean.

  • Confirm all clients have Anti-Virus protection (Install otherwise)

  • Install Anti-Virus Software on new PC’s.

  • Check quarantine for infected files, recover if available otherwise purge.

Backup and Restore Maintenance and Procedures:



  • Check backups for failures and / or warnings

  • View ALL backup logs for skipped files etc.

  • Document errors and changes in FMG Checklist.

  • Ensure Exchange is being backed up.

  • Update Veritas Virus Definitions.

  • Clean tape drive with cleaning cartridge.

  • Confirm life expectancy of tape, is still valid.

  • Performa test restore as required / as requested.

  • Any failures are to be reported to Omnisystems Network Technical Manager




  • Perform Exchange Maintenance as required

    1. Check Queues’.

    2. Confirm Quota’s (If Applicable).

Site Documentation:



  • Update site documentation as required.

  • Update and network configuration changes.

  • Update any documentation on backup policies, directories, and rotation of media.




  • Perform SQL Maintenance as required

    1. Confirm query optimizer statistics are up to date.

    2. Confirm database integrity.

    3. Check backup of SQL.

  • Perform IIS Maintenance as required

  • Perform Wireless Maintenance as required

    1. Record any unauthorized access attempts.

Workstation Maintenance:



  • Attend to user issues as required.

  • Check available resources for workstations.

  • Confirm regional setting are correct.

  • Check disk space is sufficient on workstations as required.

  • Analyse and defragment HDD on workstations as required